AyA Kitchens' high-end brand AVANI is to better serve the luxury kitchen market in North America. Designed in conjunction with renowned creative visionary Dror Benshetrit, founder of NY-based Dror, AVANI is a highly curated, strictly modern, custom-made collection featuring clean lines, warm textures, movement and fine hidden details. Competing directly with Europe’s best brands, AVANI kitchens are designed with the highest possible attention to quality and detail.

Since it’s launch, AVANI has strived to reenvision the modern kitchen living space. Partnering with industry leaders in design and architecture creates new perspectives and fresh ideas. This adds a new layer and dimension opening innovative and creative avenues. A strong supporter of the arts, AVANI has collaborated with local artists on different scales. Trade shows to exhibits AyA/AVANI appreciates creative expression and the beauty of hand-crafted pieces from various materials.

Highly Curated

AVANI kitchens are strictly modern, sleek with clean lines, luxury materials and a minimal aesthetic. Each kitchen is designed with thoughtful consideration to the home, lifestyle and personality of the customer. Materials and palettes have been lovingly chosen to represent the timeless elegance of AVANI. Rift cut white oak, matte and high gloss lacquer, walnut details and unsurpassed and unobtrusive hardware are some of the fine details you can expect in an AVANI kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry allows for a more personalized space staying true to the design details without sacrifices. Each AVANI kitchen is a one-of-a-kind, allowing us to revel in the making of beautiful and functional cabinetry for discerning customers. Key characteristics of an AVANI kitchen include minimal hardware, contrasting textures, clever solutions, fine details and framed in-space features. Specific elements that differentiate the line from more traditional kitchens are its signature grey interior cabinetry with full depth shelves and pull-less doors and drawers, premium European hinges and drawer systems, a variety of integrated details such as LED strip lighting, finished undersides of upper cabinets, and an assortment of unique space saving solutions.

Artisanal Partners

To provide unique, intricate handmade wood elements to compliment or juxtapose the refined minimalism of an AVANI kitchen we partner with exceptionally talented local artisans. The expressiveness of an AVANI kitchen can be enhanced by the art of creation and complimenting an architectural structure with an organic element. Working together with designers and master craftsmen and women enables a level of customization that embraces artistry. We feel this is the true definition of luxury, the luxury to employ gifted individuals to tailor make products, not without technology, but ultimately by hand.

Luxury Materials

AVANI’s attention to detail spans across all aspects of the design and fabrication process. Incorporating only the finest materials and finishes, whether a sleek matte or high-gloss lacquer or our select Canadian white oak and walnut selections, Avani epitomizes luxury in its textures and finishes. Add to this handcrafted construction which incorporates only the best European hardware and accessories Avani is designed to satisfy the most discriminating customer.